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The Newman Hall Stage

Conditions of Hire and Use - September 2014

Theatre Companies must :
1. As a condition of the Theatre Licence, Companies must follow the requirements of the Newman Hall risk assessment and carry out their own Risk Assessment based on the Newman Hall standard Risk Assessment and discuss in detail with the Hall Manager etc any specific problems which they have identified..
2. Ensure that they have competent personnel to install and operate all equipment and scenery that they propose to use.  There is a fully working sound & lighting rig already set up & the charge for using this is £25.00 per day to casual users. Any non-standard equipment or layout etc must be discussed and agreed with the Newman Hall Stage Management team prior to the commencement of any performance. Please note that the stage electricity supply is a 3 phase and neutral 415-volt supply, all stage hirers must have a competent person as their lighting technician. Ladders are access controlled and must only be used by competent personnel.
3. Produce a copy of the group’s Employers Liability Insurance Certificate to the Newman Hall Manager,  2 weeks prior to their show, which should then be displayed on the door to the stage during the hire period.
4. If the production requires a Theatrical Licence, a copy of their Theatrical/Musical Licence must be supplied to the Hall Manager prior to their show.
5. Theatre Companies are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they comply with the Requirements of the Children and Young Persons Act and must demonstrate that they are so doing. 
6. Theatre Companies must comply with the conditions of the Theatre Licence that all chairs set out in the Hall are joined together with clear gangways and are laid out in accordance with the current maximum seating  plan 204 seats . Variations to layout or number of seats must be agreed, in advance, with the Hall Manager.
7. Provide a minimum of 3 competent stewards, who whilst an audience is present must be located in the hall supervising each exit.
8. The use of naked flames, fire arms, pyrotechnics, lasers, strobe lights and smoke / haze machines are not normally permitted.  In special circumstances, use may be approved provided that the relevant Licences are obtained and Companies have properly competent persons to operate them. {Application at least 14 days in advance to the Licensing Authority}
9. The Newman Hall Management kindly request that the stage is returned to its normal condition after hire.    Please ensure that: Any disconnected lights are reconnected and fully working. Any lights that have been moved, are replaced where they were originally located. Please ensure that the safety chains that are marked with yellow tape are left with the lights and the 13 to 15 amp jumper leads are left in the lighting box, these are also marked with yellow tape. Please note that the grey curtains are the property of Hall and may only be used after requesting permission from the Hall Manager. The 2 large scenery flats should be painted back to a neutral colour if they are used.  Masking borders if removed, must be replaced in their proper positions, please liaise with the Stage Manager.

Thank you for your co operation


Mike Bartlett - Stage Manager,  Paul  Lewis – Technical  Adviser 


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