1 BOOKING  DEPOSIT.  A deposit is normally required to secure a provisional booking. This sum will be credited to the quoted Hire charge.  The booking can only be assumed “firm” as and when such deposit is paid and a receipt issued.  Deposits are NOT refundable in the event of the Hirer subsequently cancelling the booked date.
2 PAYMENTS.  All payments should be made out to “The Newman Hall”.  Payments by cheque or Bank Transfer to NatWest account 68501064 sort code 52-10-03.
3 BALANCES.  Payment of any Balances should be made 4 weeks prior to the Hiring Date or as indicated on the confirmation of Booking Invoice.  Hiring within 4 weeks will normally require payment in full.
5 GOOD  CONDUCT.  The Hirer is responsible for the orderly conduct of those persons attending their function.  The Newman Hall is subject to Licensing, Health and Safety, Environmental, Entertainment and other statutory regulations.  It is a condition of Hire that the Hirer assists and respects these limitations.
6 DAMAGES.  Breakages or damages will be charged to the Hirer.
7 CONDITION.  It is a Condition of Hire that the following actions are fulfilled at the cessation of the Hiring :-
a.  Main hall and Kitchen floors to be swept and debris bagged.
b. The new upholstered Chairs to be stacked in “Sixes” and stacked at the opposite end of the Hall to the stage, facing the wall.
c. Tables to be returned and stored as 8 below.
d. Waste Food and other leftovers should be securely bagged and placed in the large Blue waste container in the car park.
e. Hirers are expected to provide adequate waste bags to provide for “d” above.
f.  Please ensure that All lights are switched off & All doors & Windows are closed before you Leave.
g. Please Only use White Tack or non-marking tape for displays.
  N.B. Unless otherwise agreed, evening or part-time bookings should not preclude regular or occaisional clients from use of the Hall.
8    TABLES.  The person giving access to the premises will show the Hirer the locations of     tables,  20 x 4, 20 x 6.  These tables are best erected by placing them face down upon the floor and pulling the cross bar away from the end. To dismantle, reverse the process, unsnap the bar and fold up the legs.
9     NOISE LIMITER.  As a Licence Condition, a Noise Limiter is fitted to these premises.  It is calibrated to 100 decibels but that should not affect your enjoyment. However its use normally prevents  the participation of rock bands and heavy discos. The Hirer will need to clarify any type of proposed entertainment when negotiating the Hire with the Hall Manager.
10  KITCHEN.  The hire of the kitchen includes an eight-burner gas hob and ovens, a fridge, water boilers, microwave, work surfaces and washing up facilities, including a dishwasher. The Hirer is required to leave the Kitchen clean and tidy, with surfaces wiped down and all FOOD WASTE BAGGED.
11  GRASS  AREA.  The grass area in front of the Hall is designated an “amenity area”.  Vehicles are NOT permitted to  park on this area nor should the white painted marker stones be crossed or removed.  Any damage to this area will be the Hirers responsibility for which they will be charged.
12  AMENDMENTS.  The Committee reserve the right to alter or amend these Conditions of Hire at any time. 



KITCHEN contains an eight-burner gas hob and ovens, a fridge, water boilers, microwave, work surfaces and washing up facilities, including a commercial dishwasher.  Regrettably we are NOT able to provide cutlery, crockery, glasses or cooking utensils.  Users are also asked to provide their own refuse sacks.


BAR can be provided, courtesy of the NEWMAN HALL CLUB, as an add-on service.  It is run by the Club Bar Staff and has an access facility into the Hall. There is a £50 charge for the provision of a Bar and its Staff.  The NEWMAN HALL CLUB is a private Club with premises incorporated within the building.  Information and bookings for bar facilities should be made by contacting Mr Dan Leightley (07411 786 151). 


BOSCO ROOM is below the Stage, and accessed by a side door from the Hall.  It can be partitioned into two changing rooms but is also equipped and used as a smaller meeting room.  It is frequently used by a variety of play or hobby groups.  Seating capacity is in the region of 30.


PARISH ROOM is located within the precincts of the Newnan Hall Club.  Of similar size to the BOSCO room it is mainly used for Parish activities and its use is restricted.


LIBRARY is the smallest of the meeting rooms and is no longer used as a Library. Seating capacity is in the region of 12.


CLOAKROOMS accessed from the Entrance Hall, include facilities for people with disabilities


BAR facilities are provided by courtesy of the NEWMAN HALL CLUB. There is no preferred CATERER but several caterers can be recommended, depending on the level and quality of service required, as well as the cost.
The KITCHEN is available to those hiring the premises at no extra cost.  However the committee reserves the right to make a small charge where fuel consumption is expected to be high.
Hall users should be aware that there are Noise Limitations imposed on the hall and  DISCOS are NOT permitted.
Persons wishing to make block bookings on behalf of clubs/groups working with children and young persons must provide copies of their Insurances and Child Protection Clearance Certificates.
At CHILDREN’S PARTIES, BOUNCY Castles are NOT permitted and the Organiser and Parents are responsible for the safety of the children

Contact the Hall Manager for details of charges.

Notes :- Access time: Any setting up you may require prior to the start of any event must be included in your booked time. If you arrive earlier, or leave later, than the time booked, you will be charged on an hourly rate for the extra use.
November 2017