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Theatre  Layout


Theatre groups intending to use the Newman Hall must base their seating plans on a maximum of 204 seats in theatre style.  Seats must be joined together in a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 per row.  Detached seats in less than a block of 4 seats, is not permitted for any seating plan in excess of 99 seats. In addition the minimum of a centre aisle and side routes to the emergency exits must be maintained which must be at least 1.1 metre wide. 
The agreed plan for 204 seats is shown above.  This is the maximum permitted seating for the Newman Hall to comply with Health and Safety regulations.  Any group wishing to use a different seating plan or layout must have it agreed and approved by the Hall Manager prior to the event.  Groups with an orchestra or musical accompaniment, or with items other than connected block seating, planned to be located on the Hall floor must agree their layout plans before the production with the Hall Manager, and must ensure that escape route aisles (minimum 1.1Metre wide ) leading to the emergency exits are maintained at all times.


Marion Westwood
Hall Manager for the Newman Hall  
Reviewed September 2013
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